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Is Protein Powder Safe For Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing. The possibility of new life and the joy of motherhood is indescribably beautiful. Something that can be very difficult during pregnancy, especially a first pregnancy is making sure that both you and the baby are getting all that you need on a nutritional level.

Sometimes an expecting mother needs all the help she can get to take care of her own needs as well as the baby’s. For this reason, some expecting mothers turn to protein powder. If you are an expecting mother looking for a way to ensure that the baby gets everything they need then you may be curious about protein powders, more specifically whether or not using them while pregnant is safe. Here are some key points that will answer your question.

Your Need For Protein Increases During Pregnancy

One of the most important things you need to understand is that, generally speaking, mothers who do not eat enough protein tend to have smaller babies. Protein intake is critical to ensuring your baby is healthy and strong. The Institutes of Medicine say that it is alright for pregnant women to get between 10% to 35% of their calories from protein.

A great rule of thumb is to convert your weight to kilograms and then multiply that number by 1.5. This will give you the approximate number of grams of protein you need each day. Just be sure to keep in mind to adjust that number as your weight changes throughout the pregnancy.

Give Your Baby Pure Protein

You need to remember that not every protein powder is the same. In fact, finding a protein powder that is truly beneficial is somewhat difficult if you are only doing your protein shopping at your local supermarket.

What makes some protein powders better than others is a matter of total protein content. Some companies choose to cut costs by only utilizing a portion of actual protein in their cans. The rest is composed of filler content such as artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings, Needless to say, these are ingredients that are certainly not great for your baby, or you for that matter and can lead to some unwanted side effects.

You want to make sure to get protein powder that is high in ratio of actual protein to filler content. Even better, see if you can locate protein powder that is all natural, such as Halo protein powder from Swhey. This will ensure that you are putting nothing but good stuff in.

Just Don’t Overdo It

The most important thing you need to remember is to not overdo your protein powder intake. You want to stick with the recommended amount or else you could deal with some nasty side effects like bloating and stomach pain. You want to be sure and talk to your doctor before you start taking in protein powder.