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How Does Mold Damage Carpet

Water damage is always nasty to deal with, no matter what form it takes. However, it would be disingenuous to suggest that mold is not the nastiest form it comes in. Mold can destroy just as much property as any other form of water damage and making things worse is the fact that mold can even seriously damage a person’s health. One of the worst materials that can come into contact with mold would easily be that of carpet. Mold can destroy carpet in a way that it does few other materials. Here are some reasons why and how according to DC 9-11.

The first thing you need to understand s mold in and of itself. Mold is a highly corrosive substance that spreads when there is the right combination of heat and moisture in an environment. When the mold takes hold it will spread by sending out microscopic spores into the air. Those spores will latch onto another surface and the process begins again and continues until you have a full blown infestation.

These conditions are the reason why carpet is an ideal breeding ground for mold. Carpet is highly fibrous which means there plenty of openings for mold to grow in. The fibers create are perfect for mold to latch onto so it can take hold of a single fiber and not be cleaned up without heavy cleaners. The mold is able to spread quickly throughout the carpet because there is such a short distance between the strands. The mold spores hardly have to travel at all to the next strand, meaning your carpet could be completely overtaken by mold within a couple of days.

One of the biggest ways that mold damages your carpet is the way that it will slowly eat at it. Mold is a highly corrosive substance and when it begins to eat at your carpet it will slowly weaken it and cause it to fall apart. Making things worse is that the carpet is just the beginning. If truly allowed to run rampant the mold will eventually spread to the wooden foundation of your home. From there it will begin to corrode and rot the foundation until it is no longer safe to walk on.

If you suspect that your carpet is afflicted with mold then contact the professional water damage remediation services at They have all of the tools and experience needed to properly gauge how extensive the mold damage is and how it can be remedied in a timely and efficient manner.

By calling in a water damage expert you are ensuring that your carpet, and your home, are rendered mold free. This creates a totally safe environment for you and your loved ones to continue to live in. You no longer have to worry about mold affecting your carpet, or any other part of your home.